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In September 2017, I weighed 252 pounds, and I was miserable, discouraged, and genuinely hopeless. I had fallen flat to get more fit – every attempt left me ravenous and depleted, so I always surrendered. I discovered the ketogenic diet and decided that I could either remain hopeless or sort it out. Regardless of whether it fizzled, I was at that point as miserable as I might actually be. 

To my outright amazement, keto transformed me inside and out. It was inexpensive, refreshing, and shockingly easy to execute into my life. I definitely changed my food eating patterns and began practice alongside keto. I shed 80 pounds on keto by December 2018. My tenacious hopelessness was no more. I was not an insomniac anymore. I felt healthy without precedent for my life, both physically and intellectually. 

Keto has given me mental clarity and soundness. No drug was ever ready to treat my weight-related sadness. It’s given me the energy I’ve wanted for such a long time, and it’s given me confidence. I can proceed on my journey to health and hope to achieve my goals in each part of my life. Keto allowed me to carry on with a day to day living that I didn’t believe likely!  Down 80 pounds since finding keto and Ketomatters. Keto made me go from a day to day survival of being fat to at long last hit the “typical” classification for weight. I, in a real sense, am the weight I was in sixth grade 6th! I’ve been overweight my whole life! 

Have I lost weight? However, I have seen massive help from joint issues and pain that used to be my morning routine. No more! I could maintain a lower-carb diet all through my last pregnancy, and it was the most uncomplicated pregnancy ever. I was walking miles daily until the day I delivered a baby. I have a lot of energy! What’s more, I feel like now I can be the mother my children need me to be and set an incredible example of the word “health” for them. 

I would be always thankful to you, Keto Matters, for being my go-to for all things Keto. 

Q. What tactics did you use to help you with getting your goal weight? What did you find to help you with getting your goals best? 

I began easy. The first thing I did was remove all gluten, grains, and sugars. Also, furnished with another meal plan, just made dinners this way. No checking calories, carbs, or macros – exclusively centered around making suppers that cut out the terrible stuff. As I got that piece of the way of living down, I started to tally carbs and get somewhat more careful, and afterward, at long last sorted out my macros and had new goals to focus on. 

As far as I might be concerned, this slipped me into the way of life without all the constraining elements almost instantly of getting it ‘spot on.’ Before I began tallying anything, I lost my initial 15 pounds. Furthermore, when I adapted to all-out keto, I didn’t struggle with any keto-flu-type symptoms, which is cool, I guess. 

I didn’t exercise at first, by the same token. When I began getting more energy, the exercise quickly fell into place. I needed to be making the rounds, going for long evening walks, and afterward slid into running. Simply because I FELT SO GOOD. It was merely one more extraordinary progress in the journey. 

Q. What is the most useful change you’ve made to your eating routine, and for what reason do you feel it’s been the most valuable? 

Cutting gluten. The more I research, the more I learn it’s simply not good for anybody. I was genuinely moved by reading “Wheat Belly” and the impacts of gluten on the body. For the pain in my joints and the symptoms I was struggling with, I’m convinced gluten is at the core of its preponderance. 

Q. What do you advise for somebody who is merely beginning? 

You don’t need to do it all at the same time! It is entirely OK to slide into it slowly. Change a little something, and go from that point. 

Q. How would you feel your life is currently that you’re at your goal? 

P.H.A.T (pretty hot and tempting) I have more energy than I might have imagined. I love myself. I love the delightful way I look and don’t feel at all haughty seeing that! I am doing great, and I’m in a real sense the size I would have been in grade school. 

Q. What do you think about how it has helped you with everyday life? 

It has made me confident and healthy.

Q. How did you deal with consistency all through your journey? 

Being a part of various health platforms has been immensely contributing– friends keep me honest for logging my food, my Instagram friends all on the same keto journey, the other keto groups on Facebook, and colleagues in my office, who are on keto with me. I’m also a part of a spiritual group called “Claim Your Temple,” which has been a huge part of my journey – tending to the enthusiastic reasons we go to food in any case, ways to manage evening munchies, and so on. This group has given me the inward peace to not turn around to my lifetime of awful eating plans. 

Q. Was it hard to keep count of the percentage of macro/micro nutrients?

At first, but once I learned what my macro/micronutrient percentages should be, I really didn’t need to count anymore because everything became spontaneous and automatic.

Q. How hard was Keto diet?

Oh, it was not hard at all; I still remember I went on my first diet in high school. I actually think it was Atkins, and I only lasted a pair of days. I remember going out to breakfast/ lunch with my father, and I knew I couldn’t have pancakes or pizza, but that was the only thing I craved, so I placed an order. And after I ate them, I thought, my day is already shot, so I’ll just eat what I want the whole day. I have been on a lot of diets, and you name it, I tried it be it Juicing, being a vegetarian, weight watchers, South Beach, and others I don’t even remember right now. But Keto really keeps me full.

Q.What do you at present do to deal with your everyday eating routine? 

I actually log my food each and every day. I’m at 676 days of logging. I look into Instagram once every day. Also, I ceaselessly try to understand research and books on the subject of keto and a low carb like it’s a new tune stuck in my brain. 

Q.What is your most loved keto recipe from Keto Matters that has become a staple? 

Keto Lasagna gives over!! We make this very often! 

Q.What would be that one thing you could change and that you could do another way during your journey? What might it be and why? 

I wouldn’t modify anything. I love the amazing way everything happened in decent simple progress.

Final words:

Here are Valencia’s best tips for losing weight successfully and sustainably:

  1. Focus on what you want to achieve. Find your “Why” and then really work on the impassioned part and setting yourself up for success, whatever that means for you. If you don’t have a purpose for doing this, you won’t be successful in the long term.
  2. Make little, bearable changes.  If you try to do too much at once, you’ll give up, and then you’ll feel like a dud. Challenge yourself to do new things, but take them one at a time. In my case, one of the first things I did was give up sugar, which was huge for me, and once I’d done that, I thought, okay, now I can move on to the next thing.

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